I was accepted to the Actors Studio Drama School straight out of college and so made the move to New York. There I studied under Elizabeth Kemp, Jacqueline Knapp & Susan Aston.

After graduating, I spent some years with THE UME GROUP studying butoh and commedia dell arte.

During this time I fell in love and married my wife, Karen. We have a beautiful baby boy, Thomas, who I am periodically comforting as I write this. If he wasn't so cute I'd probably get more work done!

Outside of acting, I spend time writing and cooking. I love few thing more than a glass of red wine while cooking a good meal.

     I did the 'get out of this town' thing at 18. As I left I made sure to stop at my best friend's pizza place before the drive from Houston to Denton. I attended the University of North Texas to earn a BA in Theatre. I studied acting there under Bob Hess & Marjorie Hayes. While there, I performed in a production of GODSPELL directed by Bob that was a life changing experience for me. It was the first time in my life that I not only felt I was doing good work, but I had a community of actors that appreciated me. Plus I did my first shots with those guys, and so continued the shedding of my "quiet boy" image. Don't tell my mom.



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